Empowering Pregnant Women with Information About Anticonvulsants through Research

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2022 Annual Update

Read the letter from our Principal Investigator, Lewis B. Holmes, M.D.

Kerri’s Story:

How She’s Helping Other Moms as a Study Participant

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3 AEDs our Registry Helped to Identify as ‘Unsafe’ during Pregnancy

Taking your AEDs While Pregnant: How to Weigh the Pros and Cons

Is My Anticonvulsant Medication Safe During Pregnancy?

The North American AED Pregnancy Registry is dedicated to answering this question. Anticonvulsants treat disorders like epilepsy, mood disorder, and chronic pain, but more information is needed about them to answer the question confidently. If you’re already taking anticonvulsants and are pregnant, please consider sharing your experience with us to help other women like yourself. Your identity will remain confidential.

Our Registry is a non-profit, philanthropic arm of Harvard Medical School.

“I’ve participated in the NA AED Pregnancy Registry with all four of my pregnancies. Research is important to me and I want to be able to help as many expectant moms who may be concerned about their medications regimen during pregnancy. All my daughters are perfectly healthy! And the process was super easy. Thank you to the NA AED Pregnancy Registry for allowing me to assist in this great work!”

– Krystal