AED Pregnancy Registry



1. Self-enroll online here or call TOLL FREE 888.233.2334 as soon as possible after you learn you are pregnant. (15 minute phone call)
2. The Registry will call you when you are 7 months pregnant to see how you are doing. (5 minute phone call)

3. The Registry will contact you again after your baby is born.
(10 minute phone call)

The final component of participation is releasing your medical records from your pregnancy and your baby’s medical records for the first 6 months of life. In order for us to obtain medical records, we will need your signed authorization. We will send the authorization forms to you in the mail after the first and last interviews. Your participation is secure and confidential.


If you are pregnant and are currently taking any of the following medications for any reason, you can enroll in The Registry by calling TOLL-FREE 888.233.2334 or signing-up online here. Enrollment is open to women at any stage of pregnancy, but not after your baby is born.

If you are pregnant and are NOT currently taking any of the following medications, we still need you! Your information is valuable and you can enroll in The Registry as a CONTROL participant. Read more about being a control participant below.


What is a “control group”?

A control group can also be called a comparison group. The Registry needs a group of women who are pregnant and are NOT taking anticonvulsant drugs to compare to our group of women who are taking anticonvulsant drugs. This will help us to gather the most accurate data possible for our study.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any woman who is currently pregnant and is NOT taking anticonvulsant medication of any kind is eligible to be a control for The Registry. A control can enroll at any time during pregnancy, but the earlier she enrolls the better!

What do I have to do to participate as a control?

First you should sign-up online or call The Registry TOLL FREE 888.233.2334 to enroll as a control. After you have enrolled, The Registry will take care of the rest! We will call you for 3 quick telephone interviews (two during your pregnancy, and one after delivery) that last no more than 10 minutes each. That’s it! It’s easy and takes very little of your time.

Do I get anything for participating as a control?

Yes. We’d like to thank you for participating as a control by entering you in a raffle drawing for a great prize! If you are chosen as the lucky winner you’ll get: A $400 American Express Gift Card!

The gift card can be used at over a million different businesses in the United States where American Express Cards are accepted. Use it for meals and entertainment, or to purchase items from catalogs, online vendors, or at your favorite store!

The next drawing will take place in May, so be sure to call TOLL FREE 888.233.2334 or sign-up online here today to enroll as a control.

Got Friends?

Tell all your friends about becoming a control! Once you enroll as a control, you’ll receive an additional entry in the drawing for each friend who also enrolls as a control! The more of your friends who join in, the more chances you get to win! So call or send out an email to all of your pregnant friends and family across the country and tell them to contact the Registry TOLL FREE 888.233.2334 or sign-up online here.

Make sure you give them the link to this page so they can learn all about The Registry, being a control, and the great prize!

It takes very little time, and in the end it helps out so many people and children. So why not help those in the future? You could be helping your own children in the future.” – Study Participant, 42, New Hampshire

AED Pregnancy Registry
AED Pregnancy Registry